How are your services packaged?

BW3 can offer a series of facilitated conversations from our curriculum or we can customize trainings that are unique to your organization or industry.

Do you just work with organizational leadership?

We specialize in supporting leaders but also do corporate wide trainings at the request of these leaders.  This can range from implicit bias to understanding cultural values as well as a broad range of other critical inclusive conversations.

Can you facilitate retreats?

We can and we do!  Often the kick off to culture change takes place away from the office.  Let us help you plan your next strategic retreat.

You mentioned you work with nonprofits, how does that fit into D & I work?

Our team has extensive nonprofit management experience as leaders, program developers, fund raisers, and change managers.  Every organization has a culture that needs fine tuning and we offer not only D & I support but nonprofit management support in terms of a broad variety of strategic challenges.

Who do you coach and what do your coaching agreements look like?

Our coaching is limited to women leaders of color because they are our niche market.  Our research has shown that they have unique challenges in whatever sectors they work in and we are there to help them navigate the landscape.  We offer coaching in 3-6-12 month blocks.  Be it once a week or more during higher need times, we are flexible, reliable, and discreet.

What type of research do you conduct?

Our researchers have experience in a variety of qualitative methods.  We can produce reports on your industry as it pertains to D & I, equity, and industry best practices.