What we value

At the heart of our work is helping our clients develop inclusive practices.  We work with them on nuanced and overt behaviors that keep them from attracting a diverse group of leaders whose ideas, culture and creativity you cannot afford to be without.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) - we can visually assess your diversity but are your practices inclusive?  Have you committed your organizatin to identifying and eliminiating barriers well beyond your legal obligation? We survey your team and facilitate creative conversations that leed to a deeper understanding of how to build an organization powered by your greatest strengths--your people--all of them.     We engage in conversations with a purpose:


  • Inclusive voices (changing your listening frequency to hear what's actually being said or offered)
  • Implicit bias (how it works and how your leaders and employees maybe experiencing it.
  • Hiring practices - what happens when you attract diverse pools of talent but they aren't being hired or retained?
  • Gender and leadership - it's true, there are differences in how we lead
  • Workplace and Culture
  • What is your story? If you understand what motivates your leader, then you'll better understand their role in the organization

Philanthropic engagement (for funders)

  • Needs assessment
  • "Your will-Their want: Successful communication resulting in shared investment strategies.
  • Working in communities of color 
  • Community engagement strategies

Nonprofit management support Consulting on a broad variety of management challeneges including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Program plans and outcomes
  • Diversifying your leadership teams (staff and board).
  • Community engagement (new program launches, strategic engagement, planning)


Qualitative research on socio-economic challenges by reqest.